Having been in business in East Sussex for over 25 years we have a wealth of experience in all areas of water supply and pipe-laying and on all sizes of property, from connecting 20mm MDPE pipe to a garden tap to laying 125mm HPPE to a large village. The majority of our business comes from recommendations and from repeat work.


House Services.

We can replace your old service with new Blue MDPE tidily and efficiently from the boundary stopcock through into the house, by impact mole or drill. There are still lead pipes in the area that should be replaced. Some of the black alkathene pipes laid in the 60's and 70's are now breaking down (the earliest black was good quality but the joints fail. The later black was often poor grade). We even still find some old steel pipe, almost all of which is well past the end of its life and if not rusty on the outside may be clogged on the inside resulting in poor flow. (On the chalky soils this pipe is lasting well but on sandy soil is often only held together by the rust). Modern combination boilers need a better flow than the old 1/2" pipes allow so often we are called in to upgrade even modern Blue MDPE from 20mm to 25 or even 32mm o.d.


Farm and Estate, and entire Village, Supplies.

We have light chain trenchers for laying pipes long distances across farmland. We have been taking care of the farm water for several of our regular clients for over two decades now. Being farmers ourselves we like to think we have a good understanding of your requirements. For our regular clients we are on hand every day of the year for emergencies to keep your livestock watered and taps running.